Navigating Sharjah Airport : Things You Must know about SHJ

Packing Baggage correctly can save valuable time at Sharjah Airport, to allow for relaxation and enjoy a hassle free start to any trip, either for pleasure or business.

Baggage Acceptance Policy

  • All Baggage Accepted for Travel MUST have at least one Flat Surface. (Examples are depicted below)
  • Baggage that does not have one Flat Surface will need to be re-packed into an approved Cardboard Box. HALA Services are the only authorised agents for re-packing materials, which include approved boxes. Baggage re-packing fees generally apply.
  • Baggage even if secured by rope or string may be non-compliant. Strong tape is recommended.
  • Two items of Baggage taped together is also classed as non-compliant and will not be accepted at Check-in.
  • Baggage larger than 90cm Long, 75cm High and 60cm Wide, or that does not have a single Flat surface will need to be accepted at the Oversized Baggage Counter. Please allow extra time to check-in Oversized Baggage.
  • Check this (For your Safety) for lists of Banned Items.

Sharjah Airport reserves the right to refuse any non-compliant baggage at the point of check-in, either directly or via Sharjah Aviation Services, who are the official Handling Agent at Sharjah International Airport.

Baggage Packing Tips

  • Pack personal belongings and items needed on-board in your hand luggage.
  • Be sure to keep your passport with you at all times, do not pack in checked in luggage
  • Keep a laptop or tablet where it can be easily reached and this will need to be screened separately at the security scan areas.
  • Remove any loose straps off baggage and pack in the baggage as this will help to speed up the baggage process.
  • Always remove old baggage tags as these may cause the baggage to be rejected.
  • Take care in packing your belongings and pack any fragile items in the centre of your possessions.
  • Make sure you know what your baggage looks like and keep hold of your baggage receipts for easy identification at your destination.

Effective from 4th of December 2022

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