Philadelphia International Airport Introduces PHL Wingmate Pass for Non-Traveler Guests

Philadelphia International Airport has introduced a new initiative called the “PHL Wingmate Pass,” allowing ticketed passengers on domestic flights to bring non-traveler guests past security checkpoints. This pass, which is described as an exclusive amenity, is designed to enable non-traveling friends and family to spend more time together at the airport. Non-ticketed guests can apply for a free one-day pass that grants them access to the airport’s terminals between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Megan O’Connell, the director of marketing and branding at Philadelphia International Airport, stated that the pass was created in response to numerous inquiries from people who wanted to accompany passengers to or from their gate. Interested non-ticketed guests can apply online one to seven days in advance of their desired visit. The application process includes receiving an email with the application status, either after midnight on the day of the visit for advance applications or within 15 minutes for same-day entrance requests. If approved, guests will receive a digital Wingmate Pass for entry at the airport’s D/E or A-East security checkpoints.

In addition to providing post-security access, the Wingmate Pass offers exclusive deals for select food and shops concessions at Philadelphia International Airport. O’Connell also mentioned that they hope the pass will not only facilitate reunions but also encourage people to explore the airport’s restaurants, shops, and renowned Art Exhibitions Program.

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